Halloween Safety Tips for Drivers

It’s Halloween! Here are a few safety tips for drivers.

It’s that time of year again! Halloween is the one night where the streets will be filled with pedestrians most of whom are very young and unpredictable. Although we can hope that most kids have been tought to look both ways before crossing the street, on Halloween their main concern is how quickly they can get from one house to the next in order to get the most candy. You, as a driver, will have to be extra vigilant if you have to be on the road come Halloween night.

Here are a few driving safety tips:

  • Drive slower than usual (10km/h below the speed limit)
  • Keep your headlights on (even if it’s still daylight out)
  • Scan all sides of the road on a continuous basis
  • Don’t assume kids will stop when they see you coming
  • Do anticipate that a child may run in front of your vehicle
  • Turn the radio down or off
  • Keep your windows down (if possible)  
  • Don’t drive distracted (no food, no drinks, no cell phone, etc.)
  • If you are exiting or entering a driveway do so with extreme caution

And the last but most important tip: Be patient! Kids will be running around or walking slowly and will most likely be in the way. It will take them a few reminders from their parents or other adults before they move out of the way or before they enter the next driveway to head up to another house. For this one night, they are the main road users and you as the driver will be one of very few! So stay patient and stay safe! You will get to your destination… eventually!

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By Dani Grandmaitre of Burn Tucker Lachaîne Personal Injury Lawyers on October 31, 2019
Tags: Car Accidents, Pedestrian accidents, Safety