Highway 4 collision in Ontario seriously injures 2

A two-car accident in Wingham sent three people to hospital on Sept. 14. The crash occurred on Highway 4 around 7 p.m., causing the closure of the road overnight while officials investigated and cleared the debris that had spread across the road between the two vehicles.

According to witnesses, a van was speeding on the highway toward town when it collided with a pickup truck. The car accident caused the van to overturn multiple times and come to rest around 60 metres from the initial impact. Authorities did not confirm details of the accident or say whether they intend to file charges against the van driver.

Firefighters had to free both drivers from their vehicles. The driver of the van suffered serious injuries and was hospitalised in London. The pregnant driver of the pickup truck suffered very serious injuries and was hospitalised in Hamilton. Officials did not comment on the condition of the unborn child. There was also a child in the truck who was injured, but the injuries were not major.

Traffic accidents are the cause of many serious injuries every year. Some of the most common factors that contribute to these crashes include excessive speeds, poor road conditions and distracted driving. In a case where the negligence of another party caused a collision, other motorists who were injured could be entitled to recover the resulting damages, such as lost earnings while they were unable to work.

However, filing a claim with an insurance company for compensation and other benefits is not always a simple process. This is why many car accident victims seek the help of a lawyer to navigate the insurance system. Doing so could ensure that the victims receive a fair amount of compensation.

Source: CTV News London, "Serious injuries after crash in downtown Wingham", September 15, 2014

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