Ice Skating: Protect Your Head!

The time for skating on Canada's longest outdoor skateway has finally arrived! People of all ages and from all around the world will put on ice skates and test their skating abilities in the following weeks on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa. Although you may think that you are an experienced skater, outdoor rinks are not always perfectly smooth and the person skating beside you might not have the same experience that you have. Some skaters may skate very quickly and other may skate very close to you. You should wear a helmet when skating. Here are some of the reasons. Researches show that most ice-skating injuries are to the face and head and that children of less than 6 years old experience a higher proportion of head or face injuries than older children. Those falls can cause concussions which can lead to multiple complications, including dizziness, nausea, difficulty speaking, understanding and reading. Researchers also found that ice-skaters fall fast without having a chance to catch their falls. In addition, they usually fall forward striking the ice with their faces and heads. The best protection is to wear a helmet with a face guard, like a hockey helmet. If it looks good on Erik Karlsson, it will look good on you as you skate down the Rideau Canal!

If you want to safely enjoy skating on the Canal (or any other skating rink) this year, protect your head and wear a helmet! You can even rent one at the Canal! Follow this link for more skating safety tips and information on skates and helmet rentals at the Rideau Canal Skateway:

On behalf of Burn Tucker Lachaîne Personal Injury Lawyers on January 12, 2015
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