OPP launches Festive RIDE Campaign against impaired driving

The holiday season is a delightful time to gather with friends, family and co-workers to celebrate the old year and welcome the new one. In anticipation of the festivities, we recently put together a list of 10 tips for hosting a safe holiday party.

The Ontario Provincial Police is also doing its part to raise awareness around the dangers of impaired driving. On November 24, the OPP started its Festive RIDE Campaign, which will involve focused enforcement efforts and public education to prevent impaired driving accidents.

It was noted that intoxicated driving offences during the holiday season occur throughout the day and not just at night, and officers will be looking for alcohol- and drug-impaired drivers around the clock.

In fact, the OPP has reported an alarming increase in the number of drivers who are impaired by drugs. Impaired driving of any kind puts lives at risk, and the provincial police will have Drug Recognition Experts assessing drivers during the holiday season.

In terms of alcohol use, anti-impaired driving efforts continue to have a positive effect in Canada. Compared to the same time last year, the number of impaired driving charges was down 17 percent in September 2014. However, the number of charges involving impairment by drugs rose 37 percent during the same period, according to the OPP.

Bars and taverns are also reminded not to overserve patrons. This is a dangerous practice that results in injuries to far too many people each year. Pubs and taverns can be held accountable if they overserve a drunk driver who causes an injurious accident.

We encourage Ottawa residents to do their part to be safe this holiday season by using taxis, public transportation, ride services and designated drivers.

On behalf of Burn Tucker Lachaîne Personal Injury Lawyers on November 27, 2014
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