The City of Ottawa Struck Again by Tragedy

Last Friday, our City was once again, struck by tragedy.   Some people lost their lives, some people were seriously injured and others will be scarred forever as a result of the OC Transpo accident at the Westboro Station.  Like many others, we are mourning the tragic loss of fellow Ottawa residents.


We all know that the Ottawa Police Service is conducting an investigation. We also know that it will take months to get answers.   While the police investigation is ongoing, victims and their families will be looking for information about their legal rights.  Who will pay for my medical expenses? What if I cannot return to work right away?  Who will take care of the funeral expenses?  If I want to speak with a psychologist or psychotherapist, who will be responsible to cover the costs?  Our boutique personal injury firm can help you answer those questions.  We helped victims and families in the 2013 OC Transpo/Via Rail crash so we know what is involved and what needs to be done.


Ottawa residents are resilient and strong and we come together to help one another during difficult times. The tragedy of January 11, 2019 will not change who we are.

By Eliane Lachaîne of Burn Tucker Lachaîne Personal Injury Lawyers on January 16, 2019
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