Third cyclist injured using recently opened bike lane on O'Connor Street

On Tuesday, November 8, 2016, a cyclist was injured while travelling southbound in the newly opened bike lane on O'Connor Street, in downtown Ottawa. A video of the incident shows the vehicle, also travelling southbound, driving just past the cyclist and then attempting to make a left turn onto Waverley Street, hitting the cyclist and knocking him to the ground. The driver's failure to yield the right of way to the cyclist, whom he should have had no difficulty seeing, has resulted in a charge against the driver.

This is the third such incident since the bike lane officially opened on Tuesday, October 25, 2016. Hours after the official opening by Mayor Jim Watson, a vehicle, similarly attempting to make a left turn onto Waverley Street, struck and injured a cyclist. The cyclist suffered shoulder and rib injuries and was taken to hospital in stable condition.

The second incident occurred on Wednesday, November 2, 2016. A cyclis was struck by a vehicle at the corner of O'Connor Street and Somerset Street West. The cyclist suffered injuries to his knee and ankle and was taken to hospital in stable condition.

The new bike lane, part of the City's commitment toward safe cycling, goes both south and north, contains designated cyclist traffic signals at some intersections, is segregated from vehicles and contains prominent green markings and arrows at intersections. This City initiative marks a continued effort toward a more bike-friendly downtown area. Unfortunately, it appears that some drivers may need more education about "share the road" concepts. Hopefully, with some time and media attention to these kinds of collisions, the situation will improve on our roads.

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By Laurie Tucker of Burn Tucker Lachaîne Personal Injury Lawyers on November 09, 2016
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