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Disability Claims Lawyers

Like many people, you have paid your disability insurance premiums year in and year out, assuming the insurance benefit would be available to you if the effects of a tragic accident, illness or other disability prevent you from working. You have rested easy believing this insurance would be there to help you pay your bills and provide support for your family.

Unfortunately, many long-term disability insurance claims are denied. At Burn Tucker Lachaîne, we understand this unfortunate reality and seek to level the playing field by using our knowledge of the insurance system to pursue the disability benefits our clients have paid into and deserve.

Kingston Denied Insurance Claim Lawyers

Our lawyers handle a variety of claims involving long-term disability benefits, including appeals. If your initial claim has been denied, it is important to act in a timely manner to seek advice from a lawyer about how to proceed. Many policies have strict time limits for filing appeals. As soon as you contact our firm, we will evaluate your claim and develop a plan for supporting your case and obtaining the benefits you are seeking.

By Your Side and on Your Side

If your insurance company is treating you unfairly, you can rely on our lawyers to look out for you and take on the insurance company. We can also handle any personal injury or accident benefits claim related to your injury or condition. Contact us for a free initial consultation with our Ottawa disability claims lawyers.